iShowspeed Net Worth

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iShowspeed Net Worth

As of 2023, Darren Watkins Jr. popularly known as iShowspeed has a net worth of $10 Million. iShowspeed’s net worth comes from his YouTube channel, TikTok, sponsorships, and brand collaborations.

iShowspeed is a YouTuber, Content Creator, Singer, and Social media personality who gained recognition in 2021 for his live streams. Speed’s live streams involve him playing prevalent video games such as Fortnite, NBA 2K, and more. Apart from live streams iShowspeed also shares his music, funny videos, Vlogs, and more on his YouTube channel. 

iShowspeed Net Worth

iShowspeed Net worth 2023$10 Million 
iShowspeed Net worth 2022$7 Million 
iShowspeed Net worth 2021 $4.4 Million 
iShowspeed Net worth 2020 N/A

iShowspeed Income Source 

iShowspeed main source of income comes from his live stream and content on YouTube. He has 17.9 million subscribers on YouTube where he shares his music videos, and funny content and performs live streams. iShowspeed’s “Shake” music video has about 180 Million views, and his total YouTube view count is about 1.45 billion which plays a major role in his estimated net worth. Apart from this, iShowspeed earns around $1-3 million a year through its ad revenue itself.


Apart from YouTube iShowspeed also has a TikTok account where he shares funny content and posts and apparently earns about $15K per post. He has 18.1 million followers on TikTok with more than 108.4 Million likes which helps the content creator in making a great fortune through his account.  

Brand Collaborations

iShowspeed is extremely popular on social media platforms thanks to its funny content and live stream which has helped him gain millions of followers. Due to his popularity, brands often approach Speed for collaborations to advertise their products. Until now Speed has been a part of various internet brands and prompted the brands on his social media platform. Although there is no clear indication of how much Speed charges for these collaborations, we can assume it is a pretty good amount.

iShowspeed Quick facts

Date of Birth January 21, 2005
Age 18 years 
Place of Birth Cincinnati, Ohio, United States 
Nationality American 
Profession Youtuber, live streamer, Singer and Rapper  
Spouse Unmarried 
Siblings 2 (one sister and one brother) 
Kids 1 (Daughter) 

iShowspeed Biography

iShowspeed (real name Darren Watkins Jr.) was born in Cincinnati, Ohio on 21 January 2005. He started his career in 2016 when he joined YouTube and began uploading videos of gameplay on rare occasions. In 2017, iShowspeed began uploading videos and live-streaming Fortnite and NBA 2K, however, he gained recognition in 2021 when his subscriber count went to 1 million in June 2021. A year later iShowspeed had reached another milestone of 10 million subscribers by July 2022. Various clips of iShowspeed were being posted on social media platforms such as TikTok which helped raise iShowspeed’s popularity in social media. In December 2022, iShowspeed was awarded a Streamy Award in the “Breakout Streamer” category.

iShowspeed started his musical career in 2021 when he released his first single called “Dooty Booty” on YouTube. The song received a lot of positive reviews and went viral on social media platforms immediately. After the success of Speed’s first single, he released another song the same year called “Shake” which was considered a sample of Fugees’ “Ready or Not.” In 2022, Speed released another song on his YouTube channel titled “Ronaldo (Sewey). The following year he released another track called “World Cup” in honor of the FIFA world cup 2022. 

It was announced by iShowspeed in May 2023 that he has signed a streaming deal with Rumble (a video-sharing platform) in collaboration with Kai Cenat. 

iShowspeed In the News

Popular content creators iShowspeed and Kai Cenat were recently disrupted during the second episode of their Rumble live stream The Kai ‘N Speed Show when a viewer decided to play a prank on the creators by calling in the police to their location. The situation began getting more complex when the official address of the creators was leaked, resulting in several fans gathering outside the house to meet Speed and Cenat. 

Prior to witnessing the police, the cameraman Slipz stated, Bro, this isn’t funny. They (Police) could pull up their guns Speed.” To which Cenat replied saying, “I’m getting shot, then you will get shot.” To which iShowspeed is seen replying “Yeah, you will get shot, and then I will get shot ’cause I’m like black.” While the team members were seen communicating with the cops, the duo decided to record the entire incident. 

Regardless of the trouble caused during the live stream that resulted in the live stream getting paused, both creators were able to move further with their live stream. The second episode of the show is currently available on the Rumble channels. 


How much does IShowSpeed make per year?

iShowspeed makes around $3,00,000 per year this includes his live streams and content creation on YouTube. 

What is IShowSpeed most famous for?

iShowSpeed is mostly famous for his live streams and content creation on YouTube. His live streams include Speed playing popular video games such as FIFA, Fortnite, and Roblox. He has around 17 million followers and 1.45 billion views on YouTube. 

Does IShowSpeed have a child?

Yes, iShowSpeed has a daughter. One source claims the YouTuber had his child when he was only 16 years old. 

Ishowspeed Cars

iShowspeed has two luxury cars in his collection: A Porsche 911 Carens S (992) priced at $150,000 and a Lamborghini Urus priced at $300,000. 

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