Jim McIngvale Net Worth

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Jim McIngvale Net Worth

Jim McIngvale, an American businessman popularly known as “Mattress Mack,” resonates beyond the furniture industry’s business corridors. He founded Gallery Furniture, a Houston-based furniture retail chain that has become a household name in the United States. McIngvale is not just a businessman; he is a philanthropist, a sports gambler, and a public figure who has appeared on various television shows.  His journey from a small family business to a retail and philanthropic icon has been remarkable. One key factor that piques people’s interest is Jim McIngvale’s net worth. In this article, We will explore the fascinating story of Mattress Mack’s rise to success and his estimated net worth.

What is the net worth of Jim McIngvale?

Jim McIngvale’s estimated net worth stands at $310 million. This financial milestone is a testament to his business acumen and reflects his diverse interests and investments, including his foray into sports gambling.

Jim McIngvale Income Source

Breakdown of Net Worth Accumulation

The lion’s share of Jim McIngvale’s net worth comes from his highly successful furniture retail chain, Gallery Furniture. Founded in 1981 with a modest investment of $5,000 and a pickup truck, the business has grown exponentially. As of 2023, Gallery Furniture boasts annual revenues of $150 million in the region. It has established itself as one of the largest independent furniture retailers in Texas and the United States.

Other Business Ventures and Investments

While Gallery Furniture remains the cornerstone of McIngvale’s financial empire, he has diversified his portfolio over the years. He has invested in real estate and produced films, such as the action-comedy “Sidekicks” in 1992. These additional ventures have contributed to the robustness of his financial standing, adding layers to his already impressive net worth.

Jim McIngvale Net worth

Jim McIngvale Net Worth 2023$310 million
Jim McIngvale  Net Worth 2022$280 million
Jim McIngvale  Net Worth 2021$250 million
Jim McIngvale  Net Worth 2020$220 million

Jim McIngvale Biography

Jim McIngvale was born on February 11, 1951, in the small town of Starkville, Mississippi. The early years of his life in this southern community laid the foundation for the values and work ethic that would later propel him to success. Jim was born into a family with a strong business orientation. His father, George McIngvale, was a World War II veteran, businessman, and entrepreneur. George’s entrepreneurial spirit and business acumen significantly influenced young Jim, shaping his aspirations and understanding of business. His mother, Angela McIngvale, was a homemaker who instilled in him the values of family, community, and hard work. During his formative years, the McIngvale family moved to Dallas, Texas. Jim attended Bishop Lynch High School in Dallas, and after graduating in 1969, he furthered his education by enrolling at the University of Texas and later at North Texas (State) University. The move to Texas was pivotal for his educational journey and set the stage for future business endeavours.

Jim McIngvale Quick Facts Table

Date of Birth Feb 11, 1951 
Age 72 years 
Place of birthStarkville, Mississippi, United States
Spouse Linda McIngvale
Kids Elizabeth McIngvale, Laura McIngvale, James McIngvale

Sports Gambling and Other Hobbies

McIngvale’s Involvement in Sports Betting

One of the more intriguing aspects of Jim McIngvale’s life is his passion for sports gambling. Known for placing large bets on various sports events, McIngvale has become a notable figure in the sports betting community. His chances often make headlines, not just for their size but also for their audacity.

Notable Bets and Outcomes

Among his most talked-about wagers was a $1.2 million bet on the Alabama Crimson Tide to defeat the Georgia Bulldogs in the national football championship in January 2022. Unfortunately, the bet did not go in his favour, resulting in a loss of $2.7 million. Despite such setbacks, McIngvale continues to be an active sports gambler. In January 2023, he placed over $3 million in bets on the TCU Horned Frogs in the College Football Playoff National Championship game.

His sports bets are not just a hobby but also a part of his business strategy. He often ties his bets to promotional events for Gallery Furniture, creating a buzz that benefits his business.

Jim McIngvale Philanthropic Efforts

Opening Stores as Shelters During Natural Disasters

Jim McIngvale’s philanthropic endeavours extend beyond mere financial contributions. One of the most notable acts of kindness that has earned him widespread admiration is his decision to open his Gallery Furniture stores as shelters during natural disasters. For instance, following the devastating flooding caused by Hurricane Harvey in August 2017, McIngvale welcomed up to 400 people into each of his two stores for shelter. This generosity immediately relieved those affected and elevated his status as a community leader.

Other Charitable Activities and Organizations

In addition to providing shelter during crises, McIngvale supports various charitable organisations and causes. His philanthropic efforts have a dual impact: they benefit the community and contribute positively to his public image, indirectly influencing his net worth.

Jim McIngvale Personal Life

Jim McIngvale is married to Linda McIngvale, and the couple has three children—Laura, Elizabeth, and James Jr. His family life has been a source of stability and support, allowing him to focus on his various business and philanthropic endeavours.

One of the more personal aspects of McIngvale’s life is his daughter Elizabeth’s struggle with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD). The family spent significant time at the Exposure Response Prevention Therapy to help her manage the condition. Inspired by this experience, Elizabeth, with the help of her father, founded a non-profit organisation called Peace of Mind. The organisation aims to assist people dealing with OCD, further highlighting the McIngvale family’s commitment to community service and mental health awareness.


What is the net worth of Mattress Man?

Despite his gambling spending, Mattress Mack’s net worth is still impressive, estimated at around $310 million.

How much does Jim Mclngvale Make annually?

Mattress Mack earns an estimated salary of $30 million + Per Year.

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