Tabitha Brown Net Worth

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Tabitha Brown Net Worth

Tabitha Brown is a famous actress and social media personality known for her unique content that is based on veganism, humor, and motivational speaking. With a shiny net worth of $3 million, she has become a popular personality in the American industry and has gained a fanbase of more than 5 million on TikTok and 4.2 million on Instagram. 

She has managed to gain a global reputation owing to her “comforting” and “calming” content pieces. Brown has been described as the “American Mom” by the HuffPost due to the same reason. Her story of reaching the top is inspiring for many youngsters out there who are looking to gain success sooner or later. 

Here, we will tell you about her earnings and career breakthrough so that you can understand the chronology in a better way. 

Tabitha Brown Net Worth

Tabitha Brown  Net Worth 2023$3 million. 
Tabitha Brown  Net Worth 2022$2.5 million. 
Tabitha Brown  Net Worth 2021Unknown. 
Tabitha Brown  Net Worth 2020Unknown. 

Tabitha Brown makes most of her profits from her social media presence. Her Instagram presence earns her a lot, and if we consider the engagement value of her previous 15 posts, which was 1.10%, and with an average like count of 48.7k, she makes a fortune of somewhere between $229 to $3000/month. 

If we talk about her income from her TikTok account, then it lies somewhere between $600 to $1200/month. Each of her TikTok posts has an average viewership of 300k which is more than excellent. 

Her other major source of income is her YouTube channel. With a subscriber base of 599k, Tabhita earns big revenues and views on her every video. As per some sources, she earns somewhere between $2.3k to $37.4k/month. 

Other than all of these, her some part of income also comes from her career as an actress. She has been a part of multiple shows, and all of them have earned her a good number. 

Tabitha Brown Quick Facts Table

Date Of Birth February 4, 1979. 
Place Of Birth Eden, North Carolina, USA. 
Nationality American. 
ProfessionActress and Social Media Personality. 
Spouse Chance Brown. 
Siblings Unknown. 
Kids Two. 

Tabitha Brown Biography 

In the years 2007, Tabitha began her acting career by doing small roles in multiple indie films and direct-to-video films. Though, her struggling acting phase was put to a stop as she developed chronic pain and fatigue. Running out of funds, Brown took a job as a Uber driver in 2017 in order to meet their daily needs. 

After a series of failures and struggles with her personal and professional life Tabitha Brown kickstarted her success journey in the year 2017. It all started after her video review of a Whole Foods Market vegan BLT sandwich went viral. This led to her being hired as a brand ambassador to travel the country and do reviews. 

Brown created her TikTok account in the year 2020 and started sharing vegan recipes, cooking tips, family moments, and encouraging advice which reached a huge audience base and impressed all of them. In the duration of five weeks, her account garnered over 2 million followers. 

Later in April 2020, she was hired by Creative Artist Agency, and in the same year, she started hosting “All Love” on Ellen Digital Network. Publishing her first book “Feed the Soul (because it’s my business): Finding Joy Our Way To Joy, Love And Freedom,” in the year 2021, Brown gained a position on the New York Time Bestseller list. 

She continued launching her cookbooks and also launched her clothing collection. 

Tabitha Brown In The News

Tabitha Brown has again been in the news headlines after her haircare line was launched at Target. Her haircare products have been one of the best-selling ones in the US market owing to their nourishing properties and affordability. 


How much does Tabitha Brown make on TikTok?

As per many sources, she makes a fortune of $600 to $1200/month on TikTok. 

Does Tabitha Brown have a college degree?

Yes. Tabitha Brown has a college degree from the Savannah College of Art & Design. 

How did Tabitha Brown get famous?

Tabitha garnered the attention of the mainstream media with her review of a BLT sandwich from Whole Foods Market and then became the brand ambassador of the same. 

Who Is Tabitha Brown’s husband?

Tabitha Brown’s husband is Chanec Brown, a retired LAPD officer and her co-host of Fridays Wit Tab & Chance on IGTV. 

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