Jimmy Kimmel Net Worth

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Jimmy Kimmel Net Worth

Jimmy Kimmel has carved a niche for himself as one of America’s most beloved television hosts and comedians. With his unique blend of humour, wit, and authenticity, Kimmel has not only entertained audiences but has also become a staple in American late-night television.

His journey, marked by challenges and triumphs, has seen him transition from radio to television, eventually establishing himself as a household name. His show, “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”, stands as a testament to his enduring appeal and his significant contribution to the late-night TV landscape. In this article, we explore Jimmy Kimmel’s net worth.

What is the net worth of Jimmy Kimmel?

Jimmy Kimmel’s journey in the entertainment industry has not only earned him widespread acclaim but also significant financial rewards. Let’s delve into a detailed financial breakdown of this late-night television icon:

Jimmy Kimmel  Net Worth 2023$85 million
Jimmy Kimmel Net Worth 2022N/A
Jimmy Kimmel Net Worth 2021N/A
Jimmy Kimmel  Net Worth 2019N/A

Assets, Investments, and Liabilities 

Real Estate: Kimmel has made significant investments in real estate, owning multiple properties, likely in prime locations, given his stature.

Vehicles: His financial portfolio also boasts luxury cars, often seen as a status symbol and a testament to one’s success in the entertainment world.

Yachts: Given the magnitude of his wealth, it wouldn’t be surprising if Kimmel also owns a yacht or two, offering luxury and leisure.

Stock Investments: Diversifying his portfolio, Kimmel has reportedly invested in blue-chip stocks, including giants like IBM, Boeing, and PepsiCo. Such investments not only provide financial security but also potential growth in wealth.

Salary Progression: Over the years, as Kimmel’s popularity and influence in the industry have grown, so has his earning potential. His salary has likely seen a steady upward trajectory, reflecting his increasing value in the entertainment sector.

Jimmy Kimmel Biography 

Born in the bustling borough of Brooklyn, New York, Jimmy Kimmel’s early life was deeply rooted in tradition and family values. Raised in a devout Catholic setting, young Jimmy embraced the tenets of his faith, even serving as an altar boy. This role often reflects dedication and commitment within the Catholic community. However, a significant shift in his life’s trajectory occurred when, at the tender age of 9, the Kimmel family decided to relocate to the vibrant city of Las Vegas. This move would be pivotal in shaping Jimmy’s adolescent years and future career aspirations.

It was during his time in Las Vegas that Jimmy’s passion for broadcasting began to blossom. While still in high school, he got his first taste of the airwaves, experimenting with radio broadcasts and honing his skills as a budding entertainer. This early fascination with radio continued as he transitioned to college. Instead, it grew stronger, leading him to host a program for the University of Nevada/Las Vegas radio station. These formative years in radio laid the foundation for a stellar career in entertainment, setting the stage for Jimmy Kimmel’s rise to fame.

Jimmy Kimmel Quick Facts Table

Date of Birth Nov 13, 1967
Age55 years old
Spouse N/A
ProfessionComedian, Talk show host, Television producer, Actor, Screenwriter, Voice Actor, Film Producer, Singer
KidsJane Kimmel, Katie Kimmel, Kevin Kimmel, William Kimmel
Place of birthMill Basin

Jimmy Kimmel Real Estate and Other Ventures

Beyond the glitz and glamour of late-night television, Jimmy Kimmel has made significant strides in various ventures, both in real estate and other diverse areas of interest.

Real Estate Investments:

Los Angeles Properties: The City of Angels, known for its allure and luxury, is home to some of Kimmel’s prime real estate investments. He owns properties in sought-after areas, including the scenic Hermosa Beach, known for its pristine coastline and upscale residences. Additionally, the Hollywood Hills, a symbol of prestige and luxury in LA, also boasts a property under Kimmel’s name. These investments not only reflect his financial acumen but also his taste for luxury and comfort.

Idaho Fishing Lodge: Venturing beyond the urban landscape, Kimmel has also invested in a serene fishing lodge in Idaho. This purchase showcases his love for nature and offers a tranquil escape from the bustling entertainment world.

Other Ventures:

Game Shows: Kimmel’s versatility is evident in his forays into hosting game shows, where his comedic timing and engaging persona add a unique flavour to the format.

Dancing With the Stars: Proving that he’s not just confined to hosting, Kimmel made a memorable appearance on the popular dance competition show, ‘Dancing With the Stars’. While he might be better known for his jokes than his jives, his participation showcased a fun and adventurous side of him.

Children’s Book: Adding another feather to his cap, Kimmel ventured into literature by penning a children’s book. This endeavour highlights his creative versatility and ability to connect with audiences of all ages.

Jimmy Kimmel Career Overview

Jimmy Kimmel’s illustrious career in the entertainment industry began with humble yet passionate beginnings in radio. His early endeavours in broadcasting, both during high school and college, showcased his innate talent and charisma, making it evident that he was destined for larger stages. As he honed his craft, the transition from radio to television became an inevitable next step in his evolving journey.

One of his initial breakthroughs in television came when he co-hosted ‘Win Ben Stein’s Money’ on Comedy Central. The show, which paired him with the titular Ben Stein, allowed Kimmel to display his comedic chops and quick wit, earning him recognition and accolades. His rapport with Comedy Central only strengthened, leading to his next big venture, ‘The Man Show.’ Co-hosted with Adam Carolla, this program quickly became a staple on the comedy channel, further solidifying Kimmel’s reputation as a versatile and engaging host.

However, it was in 2003 that Jimmy Kimmel truly found his home on television with the launch of ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’ on ABC. This late-night talk show, with its blend of comedy sketches, celebrity interviews, and live music performances, became an instant hit. Over the years, it has not only showcased Kimmel’s unique style but has also become a significant part of American pop culture.

Beyond his primary hosting duties, Kimmel’s career has been dotted with various other ventures highlighting his versatility. He has graced the stages of numerous award shows, bringing his signature humour and charm to events like the Academy Awards and the Primetime Emmy Awards. Additionally, his appearances on other programs, whether as a guest host or a special contributor, have always been met with anticipation and acclaim.

Jimmy Kimmel Personal Life

Jimmy Kimmel’s family life has seen its share of joys and challenges. He was previously married to Gina Maddy from 1988 to 2002, and the couple was blessed with two children, Katherine and Kevin. After his relationship with Gina ended, Kimmel was in a notable relationship with comedian Sarah Silverman from 2002 to 2009. He later found love again and married Molly McNearney in July 2013. The couple has since welcomed two children, Jane and William John.


What is Jimmy Kimmel’s net worth in 2023?

As of this year, his net worth is estimated to be $85 million, as reported by reputable sources like Celebrity Net Worth.

What are Jimmy Kimmel’s per-episode earnings?

With an annual salary of $15 million as the host of Jimmy Kimmel Live! and an average season consisting of around 170 episodes, Jimmy Kimmel’s per-episode income amounts to approximately $88,235.30.

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