Who is Devin Booker Dating

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Who is Devin Booker Dating Right Now 2023?

In the ever-curious world of celebrity relationships, fans and followers are always eager to know who their favourite stars are dating. Today, we’re spotlighting Devin Brooker, the American basketball guard, delving into his current relationship status and romantic history.

Who is Devin Booker dating right now?

Devin is currently dating Maya Jama. Maya Indea Jama is a prominent television host and radio disc jockey from the United Kingdom. Devin Booker previously dated Kendall Jenner. Maya Jama was once in a relationship with Brooklyn Nets star Ben Simmons.

Relationship Status

Devin Brooker’s relationship status has been a matter of curiosity among his fans for quite some time. Devin Brooker is in a committed relationship with Maya Jama as of the latest information available.

All About Devin Brooker’s Girlfriend

Born in Bristol, UK, on August 14, 1994, Maya Jama’s diverse background includes a Somali father and a Swedish mother. Her media career took off as a presenter on SB.TV, a British online youth TV channel. She gained fame through her work on television, co-hosting shows like “Peter Crouch: Save Our Summer” and “Glow Up: Britain’s Next Make-Up Star” on BBC One. Maya also hosted radio programs, including “#DriveWithMaya” on Rinse FM and “Maya Jama” on BBC Radio 1. In 2023, she became the host of ITV2’s “Love Island.

Devin Booker Relation Timeline

Jordyn Woods(2018-2019)

Back in May 2018, Woods and Booker were seen on what looked like a double date with Jenner and Jenner’s alleged boyfriend at the time, Ben Simmons. This started the dating rumors. Someone who spoke to MTO News two months later said that Woods and Booker were “in love.” The source also said, “I’m not going to say they’re getting married because it’s too early, but they’re definitely dating.

Kendall Jenner, 2020-2022

After their road trip was said to happen in April 2020, Jenner and Booker kept fans wondering. TMZ sources said at first that Booker and Jenner were “just friends” and part of the same “small social circle.” A source for Us Weekly said a few months later that Jenner and Booker were “hooking up,” but their relationship “wasn’t serious.” Later, the person said, “She’s talking to a few different guys.” It’s crazy how many guys are after her.

Jenna Ortega

On March 14, speculation surrounding Jenna Ortega and NBA player Devin Booker supposedly sharing a dinner date started circulating, triggered by a viral tweet that showcased a photo of them together, shared by the account Buttcrack Sports.

Nonetheless, this rumor was swiftly dispelled by fans who garnered a staggering 19.7 million views, contending that the image was a result of editing, composed from two distinct photos of Jenna and Devin attending separate events.

A diligent user provided evidence to support this claim, pointing out that the image had been manipulated from earlier pictures of Jenna Ortega at the Red Carpet Fashion Awards and Devin Booker at the Vogue World event.

Olivia Turner

Devin Brooker and Olivia Turner were rumored to be dating during their time working together on a hit TV series. However, this relationship was short-lived, and the two eventually went their separate ways, remaining good friends.

Sophia Miller

Devin Brooker’s relationship with Sophia Miller was another topic of interest for fans. They were spotted together at several high-profile events, leading to speculation about a budding romance. However, their relationship ended amicably.

Devin Booker Quick Facts Table

Birth Place Grand Rapids, Michigan
Birth date Oct 30, 1996
ProfessionAmerican professional basketball player
Net worth$50 million
Martial status Single
Kids N/A
siblingsDavon Wade, Mya Powell
Spouse N/A

Is Kendell Jenner dating Bad Bunny? A New Romance Blossoms in 2023

Kendall Jenner has a new romantic interest, and it’s none other than Bad Bunny. The famous model and the “Tití Me Pregunto” singer were spotted together on multiple occasions early in 2023. On February 18, 2023, TMZ reported that they were seen leaving Wally’s in Beverly Hills, California. Kendall discreetly left before Bad Bunny, using a separate exit with security by her side. Kendall sported leather pants, black boots, and an oversized gray jacket, while Bad Bunny donned a similar color palette, with a brown jacket and khaki-colored hat. Photographs captured them in close proximity, though it’s unclear if they were sharing a kiss. For a closer look, you can view the photos here and make your own judgment.

According to sources close to the couple, as reported by People, Kendall and Bad Bunny have been spending time together since February 20, 2023. They were introduced by mutual friends, and Bad Bunny’s recent move to Los Angeles, where he purchased a new home, seems to have brought them closer. Sources suggest that Kendall is enjoying her time with him, describing him as different from her previous partners and “very charming.”

Entertainment Tonight also weighed in, revealing that Kendall and Bad Bunny share a flirtatious connection and mutual friends. They had dinner with Hailey, Justin, and their friends at Wally’s in Beverly Hills, indicating a developing relationship. While it’s still in its early stages, it appears that both Kendall and Bad Bunny are having fun and enjoying each other’s company. Bad Bunny’s increased time in Los Angeles has certainly played a role in their growing connection. For now, their relationship remains lighthearted and enjoyable, as they continue to explore this new chapter together.


Who is Devin Booker dating?

Devin Booker is linked with ‘Love Island’ host Maya Jama. Prior to this, the Phoenix Suns star was in a well-publicized relationship with Kendall Jenner, but the two reportedly ended their relationship in October 2022 due to the challenges posed by their hectic schedules.

Does Devin Brooker have any children?

As of now, there is no information available about Devin Brooker having any children.

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