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Who is Tom Holland Dating Right Now 2023?

Tom Holland, widely known for his role as Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, captures hearts with his on-screen charisma and garners considerable attention for his off-screen relationships. His romantic life often becomes a subject of intrigue and curiosity among fans worldwide. In this article, we delve into the current dating status of the beloved actor, shedding light on his relationships, past and present.

Who is Tom Holland dating right now?

Tom Holland has previously been linked to rumours of relationships with Nadia Parkes and Olivia Bolton. Presently, He is in a relationship with Zendaya.

Relationship Status

Tom Holland was reportedly in a relationship with actress Zendaya. Their on-screen chemistry as Peter Parker and MJ in the Spider-Man movies ignited widespread speculation about a potential off-screen romance. 

Zendaya said to Variety in August 2017, “We’re friends. He’s a great guy. He’s one of my closest friends. We’ve been doing press tours together for a while now. 

On the other hand, Tom told Elle in June 2019 that he wasn’t dating Zendaya. He mentioned that he prefers being in committed relationships rather than short-term ones. He said, “I’m not someone who does things just for a short time; it’s not how I live.”

Even though they previously said they weren’t together, Tom and Zendaya have now confirmed their relationship publicly.

Tom talked about their relationship with GQ in November 2021, expressing how their fame has made it hard to keep things private. He said, “We no longer have much control over our privacy. Moments we want to keep between us are shared with the whole world. I’ve always wanted to keep my personal life private, especially since I share so much of my life publicly. It feels like we’ve lost our privacy.”

All About Tom Holland’s Girlfriend

Zendaya, an accomplished actress, singer, and fashion icon, gained fame through her roles in Disney Channel’s “Shake It Up” and HBO’s “Euphoria.” Her talent and charisma have propelled her to stardom, and her chemistry with Tom Holland on and off the screen has captured the interest of fans worldwide.

Tom Holland Relationship Timeline

Nadia Parkes (2020)

Holland and Nadia Parkes have a short relationship. People thought they were dating because Holland shared a picture of Parkes on his Instagram in July 2020. Even though they never said anything about dating, they kept liking each other’s posts for many months. We don’t know for sure when they broke up, but it might have been before July 2021.

Olivia Bolton (2019-2020)

Holland and his family friend Olivia Bolton were seen together in July 2019 in London’s Hyde Park, looking close and friendly. They never said they were dating officially, but people say they broke up in April 2020.

Ella Purnell (2017)

There were rumours about Tom Holland dating another actor, Ella Purnell. They seemed close at a party in February 2017. Some people said they were always together, especially after Tom won an award. Someone even said, “Tom and Ella were very close at the party, and it looked like he liked her. He was holding her hand, and they were dancing together.” After the party, nobody talked about them being together, so it could be a short romance that lasted one night.

Elle Lotherington (2015-2016)

Even though Holland never officially said they were dating, it’s believed he had a long relationship with his childhood sweetheart, Elle Lotherington. In June 2015, when he got the role of Spider-Man, Lotherington tweeted that she was very proud and loved him a lot.

In an interview, Holland once talked about trying the famous “Spider-Man kiss” with an ex-girlfriend. He was likely talking about Lotherington. But in May 2016, they stopped following each other on Instagram, so they broke up and moved on.

Zendaya (2017-2019, 2021-Present)

People thought that actors Holland and Zendaya from Spider-Man were dating starting in July 2017. Even though they said they were just friends, rumours kept spreading. Zendaya joked about a story about their vacation together, saying she hadn’t been on vacation in years. Holland played along, mentioning their work trips as a possible “vacation.”

Despite their denials, people kept guessing about their relationship. There were reports that they wanted to keep it secret. In July 2017, someone said they started dating during the Spider-Man filming but kept it hidden. A comment on Instagram in 2018 seemed to confirm their relationship, but it got deleted. They both kept jokingly denying it, with Holland even calling Zendaya his “mate.”

Later, Zendaya dated another actor, Jacob Elordi, from her show “Euphoria.” This made some people think maybe Zendaya and Holland were just friends. But Zendaya and Elordi’s relationship didn’t last long. By July 2021, rumors about Zendaya and Holland dating came up again after they were seen kissing in a car.

Tom Holland Quick Facts Table

Birth PlaceHarlem
Birth date01 June 1996 
ProfessionEnglish Actor
Net worth$30 Million
Martial statusIn a relationship
SiblingsHarry Holland, Paddy Holland and Sam Holland
Age27 Years Old 


Who was Tom Holland’s celebrity crush?

Tom Holland quickly and confidently revealed that Zendaya was his childhood celebrity crush when asked. He didn’t hesitate for a moment in admitting, “Zendaya. No doubt about it.”

Are Tom Holland and Zendaya still dating?

As of last update 2023, they were reportedly in a relationship, but neither has confirmed nor denied their status publicly since then.

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