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Zak Starkey Net Worth

Zak Starkey, an English drummer notably recognized as the son of one of the greatest drummers, Ringo Starr, has carved a niche in the music industry. As of 2023, his net worth has been a topic of interest, especially given his association with some of the most iconic bands in rock history.

Zak’s journey in the music world began not just as the son of a Beatles member but as a passionate drummer in his own right. Over the years, he has showcased his talent, versatility, and dedication, significantly contributing to various albums and live performances. His drumming style, while reminiscent of his father’s, has its unique flair, earning him accolades and respect among peers. In this article, we explore Zak Starkey’s net worth.

What is the net worth of Zak Starkey?

Zak Starkey boasts a net worth of $20 million. This impressive sum is an accumulation of his relentless dedication, performances, and associations with various music projects. His primary revenue stream is his drumming career, supplemented by royalties and other related ventures.

Zak starkey Net worth

Zak Starkey Net worth 2023$20 million 
Zak Starkey Net worth 2022N/A
Zak Starkey Net Worth 2022N/A
Zak Starkey Net Worth 2021N/A

Zak Starkey Biography

Zak Starkey was born in London, England, on September 13, 1965. Growing up in a musical household, it was only natural for him to develop an interest in music. At eight, he received his first drum kit, and his journey as a musician began.

One of the early highlights of Zak’s career was his stint with the British rock band The Who. He joined the band in 1994, becoming their official drummer, and played a significant role in their live performances and studio recordings. This association with a legendary band undoubtedly contributed to his musical acclaim and financial success.

Zak Starkey is the son of Beatles drummer Ringo Starr and Maureen Starkey Tigrett. His upbringing was undoubtedly influenced by his father’s legendary status and the enduring impact of The Beatles on global music culture.

In his personal life, Zak Starkey has experienced love and family. He is married to Sarah Menikides, and the couple has three children together. Their union has provided Zak with a sense of stability and support outside the music industry.

Zak and his wife, Sarah, are known for their involvement in charitable activities. They have supported various causes and organizations, contributing to their community and the wider world.

While Zak is best known for drumming, he has other interests beyond music. He is an avid football fan (soccer), and his passion for the sport has led to connections with other musicians and celebrities who share this interest.

Zak Starkey Quick Facts Table

Date of Birth Sep 13, 1965
Age 58 years
Place of birthLondon Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham
Spouse Sarah Menikides
ProfessionMusician, Drummer
SiblingsNot mentioned
Kids Tatia Jayne Starkey, Luna Lee Lightnin

Zak Starkey Career

Throughout his illustrious career, Zak has been associated with several renowned bands. His drumming prowess can be heard with bands like The Who, with whom he has been performing and recording since the early 1990s. 

Additionally, he was the drummer for the English rock band Oasis from 2004 to 2008. His collaborations don’t end there; he has also worked with The Spencer Davis Group the Icicle Works, and was a founding member of Johnny Marr & The Healers, among others.

Zak Starkey Income sources 

Zak Starkey’s net worth can be attributed to various sources:

  1. Music Career: As a seasoned drummer, Zak has collaborated with numerous renowned artists and bands, including Oasis, Johnny Marr, and Paul Weller. His drumming talents have made him a sought-after musician, and the income from these collaborations has significantly contributed to his net worth.
  2. The Who: Zak’s tenure with The Who has undoubtedly been a significant source of income. Drummers in legendary rock bands typically earn substantial sums from tours, album sales, and royalties, and Zak’s role in The Who has been no exception.
  3. Songwriting and Publishing: In addition to his drumming skills, Zak Starkey has ventured into songwriting. His songwriting contributions to various projects have earned him royalties over the years, further boosting his net worth.
  4. Live Performances: Like many musicians, Zak has earned a substantial portion of his income from live performances. The Who’s concerts, as well as his collaborations with other artists, have been lucrative ventures.
  5. Endorsements and Sponsorships: High-profile Drummers often secure endorsement deals and sponsorships with drum and percussion companies. These partnerships can provide a steady source of income.
  6. Real Estate and Investments: It’s common for successful musicians to invest their earnings wisely. While specific details about Zak Starkey’s investments are not widely known, he has likely made wise financial decisions to grow his wealth.


How old is Zak Starkey?

Zak Starkey is 58 years old.

Is Zak Starkey Ringo’s Biological Son?

Yes, Born to Ringo Starr and Maureen Starkey on September 13, 1965, in London, England.

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