Robin Arzon Net Worth

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Robin Arzon Net Worth

Robin Arzon is a popular American exercise instructor and author known for her immaculate fitness skills. With an appreciable net worth of $8 million, she is recognized as a vice president of Fitness Programming and as a head instructor at Peloton. Devoting her entire time and efforts to this career, Arzon has reached this success mark after lots of hard work and constant motivation to hit the equilibrium. 

Her fitness skills and techniques have been appreciated by a huge base of people out there who deal with health and lifestyle. Thousands of fitness enthusiasts tune in to Robin’s classes every day. Being an ultramarathon runner, she has completed more than 27 marathons and several Ultra Miracles. 

Being one of the well-known personalities in the American celebrity crowd, Robin Arzon has made her name shine in glitter with every bit of her expertise in the fitness field. 

Robin Arzon Net Worth

Robin Arzon Net Worth 2023$8 million. 
Robin Arzon Net Worth 2022$7 million. 
Robin Arzon Net Worth 2021$6 – $7 million.
Robin Arzon Net Worth 2020$5 million. 

Robin’s career as a fitness instructor makes up for the majority of her net worth percentage. Per class, she makes a good amount, somewhere between $500 to $750. Investments, brand endorsements, and book sales are her secondary sources from where she earns a reliable amount of fortune. 

Being in the fitness industry for more than a decade now, Robin made her debut in the “New York Marathon” in 2010 and became unstoppable after that. Running marathons after marathons, she garnered the limelight of the media and finally got her breakthrough in the year 2014 when she became a head instructor at Peloton.  

With her continuous efforts and devotion to this field, she was soon promoted to vice president by the CEO of Peloton, John Foley. This soon became the major source of her income and made her one of the richest personalities in the fitness arena. 

Her other ventures like the “Undo magazine” and “Undo Ordinary” are also the major sources of her total income. Other than those, her book sales from her published texts, i.e., “S#ut Up and Run,” “Strong Mama,” and “Strong Baby,” were commercially successful and got her tons of revenue that made her net worth shine like glitters. 

Robin Arzon Quick Facts Table

Date Of Birth September 21, 1984. 
Place Of Birth Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. 
Nationality American. 
ProfessionVP of Fitness Programming at Peloton, Runner, Author, and Fitness instructor. 
Spouse Drew Butler. 
Siblings Unknown. 
Kids One. 

Robin Arzon Biography 

Robin’s life and career took a sharp turn after she was used as a human shield by a criminal in 2002. Eventually, she was freed and saved by the police. This incident inspired and motivated her to get into the arena of fitness and running for the first time. The 10k race was the first athletic venture of her life, after which she never stopped running. 

After graduating from Villanova University School Of Law in 2007, Robin worked as a corporate litigator for seven years. In between all of this, she ran over 50 races, which included 25 marathons, three 50-mile ultramarathons, and one 100-mile race. 

Her career transition from the law to the fitness field began in 2012 after she left her job at the law firm and began as a freelance sports reporter. In the same year, she did sports reporting for the London Olympics. 

With her continuous efforts to make her name concrete in the industry, she co-founded “Undo Ordinary,” which is a popular fitness movement, and “Undo Magzine” which is a famous print publication in the years 2013. 

After reaching out to the CEO, John Foley, she joined Peloton in 2014 as an instructor. In 2016, she was promoted to the post of vice president. Robin was one of the 20 elite Americans to trek the Serengeti in National Geographic Channel’s “MYGRATIONS” in 2015. The series aired in 2016 and showcased a group of 20 people trekking the journey of the annual wildebeest migration that happens every spring from the Serengeti Plains to Maasai Mara in Kenya.

Today, Robin Arzon is the global ambassador of Adidas and starred in their “Here To Create” campaign commercial in 2016. 

Robin Arzon In The News

Robin Arzon was again on the news headlines after she announced her second pregnancy. Being a fitness coach, she gives out ideas and pointers that might change your entire concept about pregnancy and exercise. As per her recent interviews, she has been working on new mindsets and new working-out strategies. 


What does Robin Arzon’s husband do?

Robin Arzon’s husband, Drew Butler, is the CEO of the lifestyle club Swagger Society. They got married in the year 2019 after meeting at a speakeasy bar in Manhattan’s East Village in 2016. They had their first child in 2021 and their second one in 2023. 

How many days a week does Robin Arzon work out?

According to many sources, Robin Arzon works out six days a week. Her workout routine is one of the most sought-after ones in the fitness industry. She is an inspiration for all fitness enthusiasts and has been working to promote new strata and levels of the same through her works. 

Is Robin Arzon A Global Ambassdor?

Yes. Robin is a global ambassador of the sports brand Adidas. She was featured in the brand’s “Here to Create” campaign commercial in 2016. Given her promotion of the brand and its products, the sales of the same saw a good reach throughout. 

How Many Books Has Robin Arzon Written?

Apart from being a fitness coach, Robin is also one of the bestselling authors. She has penned down two books, and all of them have become bestsellers, given their nature of inspiring content. Her first book was “Shut Up and Run: How to Get Up, Lace Up and Swra with Swagger,” which was published in 2016. 

After that, she published “Strong Mama” in 2020. In both these books, she shared her fitness journey and helped her readers understand the importance of being fit and fine in easy words. 

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