Lil Tay net worth


Lil Tay net worth

Lil Tay is a YouTuber, Rapper, and Social media personality, who has a net worth estimated at $500,000. She first gained fame on Instagram and YouTube for her videos where she flexed her money, automobiles, gadgets, and more while using foul language and creating a number for herself in social media. In 2018, Tay released her first song called “Money Way” which received mixed reviews from the audience. Since 2018, Lil Tay has taken an infinite hiatus from social media after her father issued a court order to take Lil Tay back to Canada. Since then all the social media posts of Tay have been deleted from her account. 

Lil Tay Net Worth

Lil Tay Net Worth 2023 $500,000
Lil Tay Net Worth 2022$450,000 to $475,000
Lil Tay Net Worth 2021NA 
Lil Tay Net Worth 2020NA 

Lil Tay’s main source of income from her social media accounts and the songs she posted on her YouTube and Instagram. As of 2023, Lil Tay has 2.8 Million followers on her Instagram account and 220K subscribers on her YouTube Channel. Before disappearing from the spotlight and deleting all her posts from her social media accounts Lil Tay used to create several videos of her flexing automobile, gadgets, money, and using excessive language which gained millions of views for Tay. She later released her debut song called “Money Way” which received mixed views on social media. Through her videos, Lil Tay used to make around $30,000 to $110,000 which mainly contributes to her $500,000 net worth. 

Lil Tay Quick Facts 

Date of Birth 29 July 2009
Age 13 years 
Place of Birth  Vancouver, Canada
Nationality Canadian
Profession Rapper and YouTuber 
Spouse Unmarried 
Siblings Jason Tian 
Kids None 

Lil Tay Biography

Lil Tay (birth name: Claire Eileen Qi Hope) was born on 29 July 2009 in Vancouver, Canada. She was born to a Canadian father, Christopher John Hope, and a Chinese mother, Angela Tian who separated when Tay was 2 years old. Tay also has an older half-brother, Jason Tian who played a major part in her YouTube and Rap career. As a kid, Tay grew up learning various activities such as piano, ballet, swimming, singing, skating, and more. She even took Chinese lessons since her mother was Chinese. 

Lil Tay began her career in 2015 when she opened her YouTube channel and Instagram account. She started posting videos of her flexing cash, and automobiles and using excessive language in her videos which went instantly viral on social media and gained Lil Tay millions of views on her social media platforms. She later started getting shoutouts from some of the top YouTube influencers and rappers including Chief Keef which helped increase Tay’s popularity. Soon Lil Tay began getting profiled by famous YouTuber PewDiePie and gained massive popularity on social media platforms. She currently has 2.8 Million followers on her Instagram account. 

Her brother Jason and mother often helped Lil Tay with content and moved with Tay to Los Angeles to boost her career in the music industry. Lil Tay began her career as a rapper and released her first song in April 2018 called “Money Way” which received mixed reviews from the audience. However, Lil Tay’s social media antics and personality on the internet did not sit well with her father Christoper J. Hope, who made her move back with her and pursue the opposite career of what she was doing. 

Her father has stated she was originally born and raised in Vancouver, Canada but she falsified her hometown to Atlanta, Georgia on the internet. 

After her father issued a court order for Lil Tay to fly back to her hometown in Canada where Tay was abused by her father and family. In an interview with Hollywood Life, Lil Tay’s father claimed that when Tay’s social media went viral, he disagreed with most of the stuff she was doing on the platform. I took legal action to end those activities which I believe are endangering her bodily and emotional health and might affect her future. On July 5, 2018, Lil Tay posted a story on her Instagram account quoting “Help Me” and has since been absent from her social media accounts. As of 2023, the majority of Lil Tay’s posts are now deleted from her Instagram account and her YouTube channel. For now, she is completely away from the public eye and is living a quiet life. Although we might see the rapper making her comeback in the future.

Lil Tay In the News

In 2022, rumors were flying about Lil Tay and her making a comeback after staying away from the spotlight since 2018. Despite the rumors, Lil Tay didn’t make any comeback in 2022 or the first half of 2023. 

Before disappearing from social media, rumors were appearing that Lil Tay was about to release a track with Chief Keef as per Capital Xtra. Since 2018, Lil Tay has not been active or posted anything on her social media account, or given any interview as of July 2023. There have been snippets going viral on TikTok from Lil Tay’s appearance on Zach Sang Show which took place in May 2018 about Tay being referred to as one of the youngest rappers in the industry. The snippets of Lil Tay’s previous interview immediately went viral making users believe the interview is recent and Tay has made a comeback. 

Lil Tay’s last appearance was in 2018 and since then the rapper has disappeared from the public eye until 2021 when Tay posted a story saying “We have bad news about Tay…..” No further explanation was posted by Lil Tay regarding the questionable story which resulted in many fans worried for the rapper. 


How rich is Lil Tay?

Lil Tay’s net worth is estimated to be $500,000 with her YouTube and Instagram accounts being the main source of income. 

How did Lil Tay get famous?

Lil Tay became famous through YouTube and Instagram where she used to regularly post videos of herself flexing money, automobiles and using excessive language while gaining her millions of followers. She later started her career as a rapper in 2018 and released a song called “Money Way.”

Did Lil Tay actually go to Harvard?

Lil Tay did get into Harvard, however, the YouTuber later revealed that she has dropped out of Harvard to pursue a career as a Rapper and moved to Los Angeles. 

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